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Brand: Wilder Model: AW-TS-02
Wilder Sander size 2 (stick sander)[AW-TS-02]Wilder Sander size 2 (TS-02) is ideal for removing seams as well as shaping, sanding and polishing surfaces. This sanding block is great for sanding both flat and round surfaces.It contains three different grades of sandpaper starting from coarse (no..
Brand: Deluxe Model: S-SE59
 Fast drying superfine plastic filler. Fills and finishes to invisible seams in minutes. Simple water clean-up.• Ultra-smooth finish• Fills deep cavities• Takes paint easily• Low odour ..
Brand: Tamiya Model: 87161, 87162, 87163, 87147, 87148, 87149, 87150, 87170, 87171
Finishing Materials Nos.161-163Tamiya Sanding Sponge Sheet 180, 240, 320Item Nos.: 87161, 87162 and 87163★This sanding paper features aluminum oxide particles and is backed on 5mm-thick sponge. ★The sponge gives this product excellent flexibility, and makes it extremely use..
Brand: Tamiya Model: 87192
Finishing Materials No.192Polishing Compound SpongesItem No: 87192These handy sponges are designed to apply Tamiya Polishing Compound, for a gleaming and lustrous finish! They feature a stiff central section for superlative grip, with a soft applicator section on ..
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