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Model: T-RO-60335
 An indispensable aid for model makers, DIYers or professionals. With adjustable joints for versatile adjustment in all directions. • Strong crocodile clips for holding work secure. • Heavy cast iron base for stability. Complete with 60mm glass magnifying lens Ideal for any application where a ..
Brand: Artool Model: Artool Hobby Mask (15cm x 9.1m)
Artool Hobby Mask (15cm x 9.1m)[ART-HM-1]What will you do with Artool Hobby Mask adhesive-backed masking film?Protecting clear parts:Aircraft canopies: mask the glass, paint the frame Scale a..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Side Cutter for Plastic
Tamiya Craft Tools Series no.1Side Cutter for PlasticItem No: 74001This classic tool is a long-running favorite for a reason - made for use with plastic parts, the heat treated blades give a superb quality of cut and fantastic longevity thanks to the special alloy used. ..
Brand: Wilder Model: Wilder Takk
Wilder Takk is a sturdy temporary adhesive that will help hold details in place during various assembly steps such as gluing and soldering.It is also good for masking and securing parts. ..
Brand: X-Acto Model: X-Acto No.1 Precision Knife
X-Acto No.1 Precision Knife[X3201]This knife is for precision cutting and trimming of light-weight materials. This is an "A" handle. Comes with one No.11 blade. ..
X-Acto No.11 Classic Fine Point Blade x 5
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Brand: X-Acto Model: X-Acto No.11 Classic Fine Point Blade x 5
X-Acto No.11 Classic Fine Point Blade x 5This blade is for delicate, precision cutting and trimming.Use with “A” handles. ..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Angled Tweezers
Quality set of Tamiya Angled Tweezers..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Straight Tweezers 74004
Tamiya Craft Tools Series no.4Straight TweezersItem No: 74004★The tapered point of the tip on these tweezers means that even extremely small parts can be picked up and manipulated with ease. This high quality stainless steel tool has been given a stylish black finish...
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Curved Scissors for Plastic 74005
Tamiya Craft Tools Series no.5Curved Scissors for PlasticItem No: 74005★The curved blades on these scissors give a smooth and well-formed curved cut, perfect for use on subjects such as polycarbonate R/C car bodies. Not only that, cutting using the deepest part of the jaw..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Basic Tool Set 74016
amiya Craft Tools Series no.16Basic Tool SetItem No: 74016★This set contains the basic, indispensable tools for model and craft work. A pair of side cutters for plastic, angled tweezers, small (+) and (-) screwdrivers, a craft knife and a file, all come neatly packed in a..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Paint Stirrers
Paint stirrers x 2 designed for stirring small paint pots, with a flat blade one side and a small spoon on the other...
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Painting Stand Set
Tamiya Airbrush System No.22 (ITEM 74522)Body StandTurntable*Car body and tank not inludedThe Spray-Work Painting Stand Set makes airbrushing and spray painting so easy!A multipurpose painting stand set with 2 easy to use stands. Both stands..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Modeling Razor Saw 74024
Tamiya Craft Tools Series no.24Modeling Razor SawItem No: 74024This handy razor saw is ideal for cutting plastic and wood, during modeling and craftwork. The 0.25mm thickness blade is made of high quality steel, enabling a sharp finish. Blade length is 160mm. ★Comes wit..
Alligator Clip for Painting Stand (4 pcs.)
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Brand: Tamiya Model: Alligator Clip for Painting Stand (4 pcs.)
Alligator Clip for Painting Stand (4 pcs.) ●ITEM 74528These 4 metal alligator clips can be used to hold painted parts while they are drying. The clips are easily and securely attached to the outer rim of the paint jar stand. ..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Decal Scissors 74031
Craft Tool Series No.31Decal ScissorsItem No: 74031Decals and stickers are an integral part of all kinds of R/C, static and Mini 4WD models, so you need to get them right. The stainless steel blades have a fluorine resin coating to ensure adhesive doesn't gum them..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya HG Straight Tweezers 74048
Craft Tool Series No.48HG Straight TweezersItem No: 74048These 115mm straight tweezers directly transmit movements of the fingers right to the extreme tips, ideal for precision modeling tasks. They are made of high grade stainless steel and feature finely craf..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Basic Drill Set
Craft Tool Series No.49Basic Drill SetItem No: 74049Cater for all of your basic plastic model drilling needs with this set of 5 drill bits! Made from high grade material, they offer a long-lasting, superior bore...
Tamiya Decal Tweezers
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Decal Tweezers 74052
Craft Tool Series No.52Decal TweezersItem No: 74052These precision stainless steel tweezers have arrowhead-shaped tips that give a velvet touch to minimize the chance of damage when handling even the smallest and most fragile of decals...
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Painting Stand Set
Craft Tool Series No.77Paint Jar Stand..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya PLASTIC SCRIBER II
This Plastic Scriber II is ideal for cutting thick plastic boards, adding detail to plastic scale models, and opening holes to modify Mini 4WD bodies. The Tamiya original tungsten steel narrow blade enables you easy access to hard-to-reach places. The blade can be safely retracted inside when not in..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Modeler's Side Cutter α (Gray)
Craft Tool Series No.93Modeler's Side Cutter α (Gray) Item No:74093 【 High-Quality Side Cutters 】 This Modeler's Side Cutter is designed for use with plastic parts and is ideal for scale models and Mini 4WD products assembly. The cutter's blades are made with hardened ca..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Basic File Set (Smooth Double-Cut)
Craft Tool Series No. 104Basic File Set (Smooth Double-Cut) Item No:74104 Length: 140mm ★This set of 3 files includes flat, hemispherical and round files for use in the construction of plastic models, Mini 4WD models, and even for metal-working. The files are double-cu..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Handy Craft Saw II
Craft Tool Series No.111Handy Craft Saw II Item No:74111★This small tool is exceptionally useful in the construction and modification of plastic models, Mini 4WD kits and so on. ★The fine teeth on the blade ensure that the saw cuts with a minimum of effort and leaves a clean..
Brand: Tamiya Model: Tamiya Pipette Set (Short & Long/3pcs. Each)
Finishing Material Series No.124Pipette Set (Short & Long/3pcs. Each) Item No:87124 【 Handy for Working With Paint 】 Whether you are painting with a brush or airbrush, these pipettes will be useful in helping you mix and thin your paints to the desired ratios and c..
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