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Brand: Italeri Model: F-22 Raptor 0850
0850 - scale 1 : 48 F - 22 RAPTOR ..
Brand: Italeri Model: SPITFIRE MK.VB 001
001 - Scale 1 : 72SPITFIRE MK.VBThe Mk. V version of the spitfire was Introduced with the Royal Air Force in 1941 in order to replace the preceding Mk. I, the backbone of the Battle of Britain. This model was used extensively on all theaters until the end of the war despite the appearance of more mo..
Brand: Italeri Model: A - 129 MANGUSTA 0006
0006 - Scale 1 : 72A - 129 MANGUSTAThis light combat helicopter has been designed for the Italian Army and has been delivered to various units. The manufacturer is participating at various international competitions in order to deliver first orders to other armed forces. The Mangusta is typical for ..
Brand: Italeri Model: MIL - 24 HIND D/E 0014
0014 - Scale 1 : 72MIL - 24 HIND D/EThe Mi-24 is one of the most powerful combat and attack helicopters available today, despite the fact of being in service for more than 20 years. Built according to Soviet Military philosophy, which make these choppers true flying "battle ships" with great fire po..
Brand: Italeri Model: F/A 18 WILD WEASEL C/D 016
016 - Scale 1 : 72F/A 18 WILD WEASEL C/DThe Hornet is the most modern fighter/bomber in service to-day. Due to the flexibility of its electronics it is able to operate as an air superiority fighter. At the same time it can also carry out night bombing missions. The F/A-18 is in service with the U.S...
Brand: Italeri Model: AH - 6 Night Fox 017
017 - Scale 1 : 72AH - 6 Night FoxThis small and easy-to-handle helicopter, developed in the sixties, proved to be a big technical and commercial success. Its reliability and performance make it a valuable aircraft for civilian and military operators of at least fifty different nations. This particu..
Brand: Italeri Model: V-22 OSPREY 2622
2622 - Scale 1 : 48V-22 OSPREYThe V-22 Osprey convertoplane is now being distributed to evaluation divisions of the US Navy and Marines to define piloting and use methods for this new, revolutionary aircraft. Thanks to its large, swing-rotors, the Osprey is able to take off and land just like a heli..
Brand: Italeri Model: JAS 39 A GRIPEN 2638
2638 - Scale 1 : 48JAS 39 A GRIPEN The Gripen is the standard fighter-bomber of the modern-day Swedish Air Force, where it came into service just a few years ago. Extremely manoeuvrable and compact, its sophisticated electronics provide it with all-weather, night-time flight capabilities. The aircra..
Brand: Italeri Model: RAH - 66 COMANCHE 0058
0058 - Scale 1 : 72RAH - 66 COMANCHE"This helicopter has been developed for the U.S. Army and will eventually - at the beginning of the next century - replace the Kiowa OH-58 and Cobra AH-1. The RAH-66 has a low-visibility fuselage (Stealth concept), which has become more and more important after th..
Brand: Italeri Model: CORSAIR F - 4U/4B 0062
0062 - Scale 1 : 72CORSAIR F - 4U/4BThe Corsair is one of the best known airplanes of World War Il which fought against the entire array of aircraft used by the Japanese Forces in the Pacific theatre. After the war the Corsairs were set aside, together with other propeller-driven planes, to expect d..
Brand: Italeri Model: F - 14 A TOMCAT 2667
2667 - Scale 1 : 48F - 14 A TOMCATThe U.S. Navys first super-fighter, the F-14, was developed partially on the basis of experience gained with the F-111, a multi-role plane designed by General Dynamics, the Navy version of which, the F111B, was built by Grumman. The F-14A first flew on 21st December..
Brand: Italeri Model: TORNADO IDS BLACK PANTHERS 2668
2668 - Scale 1 : 48TORNADO IDS BLACK PANTHERSThe Tornado was the result of a collaborative project between three countries (the UK, Germany, and Italy) aimed at developing a bomber able to operate in TFR (terrain following radar) mode, flying at low level over uneven terrain. Despite a series of pro..
Brand: Italeri Model: A - 4 E/F/G SKYHAWK 2671
2671 - Scale 1 : 48A - 4 E/F/G SKYHAWKSUPER DECALS SHEET FOR 4 VERSIONSThe Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was developed in the 1950s and was one of the most  famous light attack aircraft in the aviation history. Its small and compact dimensions made it extremely maneuverable and ideal for use on the aircr..
Brand: Italeri Model: AH - 64 D APACHE LONGBOW 0080
0080 - Scale 1 : 72AH - 64 D APACHE LONGBOWThe Apache is certainly the most powerful and sophisticated combat helicopter thanks to its robust fuselage, which was designed without saving costs, as well as remarkable electronic equipment and massive weapons systems. Presently modifications are carried..
Brand: Italeri Model: WWII German Aircraft Weapons 2691
2691 - Scale 1 : 48WWII German Aircraft Weapons..
BELL AB 212 / UH 1N BELL AB 212 / UH 1N
Brand: Italeri Model: BELL AB 212 / UH 1N 2692
2692 - Scale 1 : 48BELL AB 212 / UH 1NThe UH-1N was developed from a project of the US based Bell Helicopter company at the end of the 60s. In Italy, a similar version is produced on license by Agusta Westland under the designation AB-212. The AB-212 is a medium, two-blade rotor powered by two Pratt..
Brand: Italeri Model: SPITFIRE MK.IX 0094
0094 - Scale 1 : 72SPITFIRE MK.IXThe Spitfire is certainly the most famous and best known fighter aircraft of World War II. Winning many dogfights of this conflict, the plane was first developed in the 1930s. It underwent a continuous evolution and improvement of its aerodynamic features as well as ..
AH.1 / AB - 47 AH.1 / AB - 47
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Brand: Italeri Model: AH.1 / AB - 47 0095
0095 - Scale 1 : 72AH.1 / AB - 47This small helicopter with its characteristic frame fuselage without shell? can be considered the first true flying machine with rotating wings. Originally designed as the H-13 for the U.S. Army, it was soon adopted by a considerable number of Western nations. The ve..
Brand: Italeri Model: UH - 60 / MH - 60 BLACK HAWK 2706
2706 - Scale 1 : 48UH - 60 / MH - 60 BLACK HAWKThe Black Hawk is the Army’s front-line utility helicopter used for air assault, air cavalry and aeromedicals evacuation units. It is designed to carry 11 combat-loaded air assault troops and it is capable of moving a 105 mm. Howitzer and 30 rounds of a..
Brand: Italeri Model: H-34G.lll/UH-34J 2712
2712 - Scale 1 : 48H-34G.lll/UH-34JFULLY UPGRADED MOULDS - SUPER DECALS SHEET - COLOURED INSTRUCTION SHEET - PHOTO-ETCHED INCLUDEDThe helicopter SH-34, developed by the American company Sikorsky in the first half of the '50s, was used by a significant number of Countries that have recognized it..
Brand: Italeri Model: A - 10C ''Blacksnackes'' 2725
2725 - Scale 1 : 48A - 10C ''Blacksnackes''SUPER DECALS SHEETThis large twin-engine plane was built for the U.S. Air Force for troop support and anti-tank missions. Despite its extensive amour and armament the A-10 is highly maneuverable which is particularly important to overcome enemy anti-aircraf..
Brand: Italeri Model: C - 47 SKYTRAIN 0127
0127 - Scale 1 : 72C - 47 SKYTRAINThe DC-3, the most famous of all transport aeroplanes has become known in nearly every part of the world as DAKOTA. It has been used by pratically every nation from America to the Soviet Union, by both China and all of the allies during World War II. After World War..
Brand: Italeri Model: H-21C SHAWNEE "FLYING BANANA" 2733
2733 - Scale 1 : 48H-21C SHAWNEE "FLYING BANANA"100% NEW MOULDS - SUPER DECAL SHEET - PHOTO ETCHED PARTS - COLOURED INSTRUCTION SHEETThe H-21 Shawnee is known for its nickname "flying banana" which derives from the particular upward angle of the aft fuselage. The fuselage designed, in this orig..
Brand: Italeri Model: HARVARD Mk.IIA 2736
2736 - Scale 1 : 48HARVARD Mk.IIASUPER DECALS SHEETHarvard is the name assigned to the North American T-6 Texan aircraft utilised by the Air Force in the British Commonwealth. It was also produced under license in Canada.  The Harvard was a low-wing single engine advanced trainer aircraft ..
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