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Wilder Gunpowder Line Black (50ml)

Wilder Gunpowder Line Black (50ml)
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Wilder Gunpowder Line Black (50ml)
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  • Model: Gunpowder Black AW-GP-02
  • Weight: 1.49kg

Wilder Gunpowder Line Black (50ml)

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The Wilder Gunpowder Line consists of coloured weathering pigment powders that can be applied onto the model dry to obtain dust effects for example. Both water based thinner and enamel thinner can also be used to spread the pigments in order to obtain different effects while also fixing them to the model.

Gunpowder pigments can also be built up in layers to represent thick layers of mud or rust. It is recommended that you use FX-01 Fixer when doing so.

These powders can also be mixed with other paints like acrylics and enamels in order to alter the tone or to obtain thick textured earth and rust effects. You can obtain the most realistic results when using different rust or earth tones together.

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