• LifeColor Master Mixer Set

LifeColor Master Mixer Set

LifeColor Master Mixer Set

This professional set is ideal for mixing and storing your own shades of LifeColor paint (or other brands). The content of this kit is perfect for preparing colours for airbrushing, and for mixing your own colour combinations.

This set includes:

  • 1x Master dropper
  • 6x Empty pots (22ml)
  • 6x Blank labels
  • 3x Pipettes
  • 6x Special test cards

Master Mixer instructions: Take careful note of colour quantity and brands you used to create your new mixture on the blank label. Do not forget to add a creation date, dilution percentage and any other information you may need. Keep your accurately labelled mixture in a darkened place away from direct sunlight or heat source and avoid extremes of temperature.

Warning: Before creating your mixture, be sure of the compatibility among different colour brands as chemical inconsistency may be generated and degrade your mixture over time. Never mix colours of different chemical compositions, such as enamels with lacquers or with acrylics, for example.

How to use the Master Dropper: Dip the Master Dropper into your mixture and apply the colour on the testing cardboard. In order to evaluate the obtained colour tone, wait for the sample to be perfectly dry and compare the colours in natural light, avoiding the direct sunlight.

Using LifeColour

  1. Clean surfaces to be painted
  2. For airbrushing, dilute the colour to a milky consistency using water or LifeColor Thinner.
  3. Airbrush at very low pressures. (Iwata airbrushes give the best performance and atomisation at low pressures.)
  4. Apply colour in thin coats with a brush or airbrush
  5. Allow to dry completely between coats
  6. Clean your airbrush with airbrush cleaner and flush through with water

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LifeColor Master Mixer Set

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